3 – Forgiveness Sunday

Day: 7

Weight: 113.0lbs


This week wasn’t hard at all… I mean, I had it easy this week, with just having to worry about not eating meat. Tomorrow is when it will hit me emotionally. Tomorrow I don’t eat much. Tomorrow officially starts my “diet.” Tomorrow the so called “humbling” begins. This week should be pretty good as far as my condition goes; I’ll still have certain nutrients that I won’t have next week.

Last night, a new friend and I went out to dinner at Flinchy’s in Camp Hill. She and I both ordered salads, which I can have (without tomato), but I ordered a ton of blue cheese for mine, in preparation of course. It was an enjoyable night, with many good conversations about home, friends, memories, and so much more. She’s moving back to Illinois at the end of the year, but she was glad we went out. And to end the night, I  ordered peanut butter pie to go. It was spectacular, as one could imagine. 


I ended my job this weekend. I’m a ski instructor, and the resort closed, so it was spent in good company. I was honestly surprised to not have been scolded by the supervisor when another instructor gave me a piggy back ride on skis down the hill yesterday. I’m only 16 though, that’s my argument. Haha, anyway, I’ll miss the people, but I’m glad to be done teaching until next year (if I go back). I met a group of wonderful people that took me in like family, and being the youngest (or one of the youngest at least), I wouldn’t have expected that. I’m going to miss them.

I have to go to vaulting now, but until next time, whenever that may be. It’s about to get rough…


One should eat to live, not live to eat.


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