4 – Not a fantastic day

Day: 8

Weight: 112.4lbs


So it wasn’t the greatest day ever… Yet it wasn’t the worst.

Last night was great. I went skiing for the last time this winter; it was 30 degrees on the mountain, and I wore shorts, just because I had to go out with a bang. Let’s just say I’m pretty cut up from slicing my knees with my skis (yes, that rhymed), and falling onto fake snow that cuts like glass.





Today, wasn’t so great. It was a Monday, to start. It was my first day Vegan, and honestly, I haven’t eaten much today. I had a granola bar for breakfast, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, plus some Blueberry Craisins. I’ve been drinking water all day, but that’s it as far as food goes. I’ll eat like a bear tomorrow I’m assuming, considering how hungry I am right now (heck, I’ll probably go get food once I’m done posting this).

Today in track (after I showed off my battle wounds), we did P90X, which is a great way to start off Lent, considering it’s going to kill my muscles. For all of you not-so-science people out there, when you work out, your muscles break down, and it takes protein to build them back up. The best source of this good protein is in red meat. If you’re me, you’re not getting enough protein during Lent because you can’t have it or you’re allergic. So your muscles don’t build back up as quickly. Thank you biology.

After P90X, the sprinters and jumpers (me included) did an ab exercise and then ran up the stairs 20,000 times. Well, not nearly that many, but it sure felt like it! I’m sore tonight, obviously.

Welp, it’s 11pm, and my battery is dying. Time for this girl to eat a little and go to bed. Thanks for reading!


“Gluttony is the source of all our infirmities and the fountain of all our diseases. As fire extinguished by an excess of fuel, so is the natural health of the body destroyed by an intemperate diet.”


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