7 – So Irritable

Day: 27 Weight: 105.5 Protruding ribs. Pain. A constant, achy pain all over. Cravings for chocolate. Cravings for steak. Cravings for milk. My weight fluctuates a lot this week. Today I ate a pretty good amount, so I’m a little heavier than I was this morning. Didn’t give too much effort for the picture this … Continue reading

6 – Getting Pretty Difficult

Day: 21 Weight: 106.0 The weight loss isn’t showing just yet, as expected. But the other “symptoms” are. I’m in constant pain now, whether it be my abdomen, my calves, my quads, arms, all of the above, or whatever else. Track is slowly getting more difficult, and the workout Friday morning didn’t necessarily help. Or … Continue reading

5 – Slowly Losing My Senses

Day: 14 Weight: 108.6 lbs I’m down about 6 pounds from my starting weight. I’m still in a good mood most of the time, but I’m starting to get frustrated pretty easily now. For example, today at pole vault practice, I wasn’t getting my “drive knee” forward in the jump, and usually I don’t have … Continue reading

4 – Not a fantastic day

Day: 8 Weight: 112.4lbs   So it wasn’t the greatest day ever… Yet it wasn’t the worst. Last night was great. I went skiing for the last time this winter; it was 30 degrees on the mountain, and I wore shorts, just because I had to go out with a bang. Let’s just say I’m … Continue reading

3 – Forgiveness Sunday

Day: 7 Weight: 113.0lbs      This week wasn’t hard at all… I mean, I had it easy this week, with just having to worry about not eating meat. Tomorrow is when it will hit me emotionally. Tomorrow I don’t eat much. Tomorrow officially starts my “diet.” Tomorrow the so called “humbling” begins. This week … Continue reading